• NTG5 Japan V10 2022

This is the latest version of map data

Japan V10 2022 for NTG5.0 (NTG5s2)


Part number: Q22282721P1

With this map data, you can update the current map, change the region, enable navigation in your car.





Compatibility (Comand Online NTG5 (NTG5s2)):

Model series AMG GT C190 (03/15- )

Model series C-Class A205 (09/16- )

Model series C-Class C205 (12/15- )

Model series C-Class S205 (09/14- )

Model series C-Class V205 (09/14- )

Model series C-Class W205 (03/14- )

Model series GLC C253 (09/16- )

Model series GLC X253 (09/15- )

Model series S-Class A217 (04/16- )

Model series S-Class V222 (07/13-06/17)

Model series S-Class W222 (07/13-06/17)

Model series S-Class X222 (02/15-06/17)

Model series V-Class V-Class, model series 447 (05/14- )

Model series X-Class BR470 (11/17- )


If the region of your car is different from the region whose maps you want to update, then you need to carry out the procedure for changing the region.

Otherwise, the map data and activation code you received from us will not work.



Europe v9 -> update to Europe v12 - a change of region is not needed.

Europe v9 -> update to SE Asia v4 - a change of region is needed.


In some cases, it is possible to independently change the region through the engineering menu of the head unit.

The procedure for changing the region is not included in the price.

We do not provide service to change the region.

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NTG5 Japan V10 2022

  • Brand: Mercedes-Benz
  • Product Code: SWID=00012810
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  • $100.00

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